Medterra CBD Review - We Put Their Capsules To The Test
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Medterra has been in the CBD game for a relatively short amount of time, but their unique product line is among the most extensive in the industry. We decided to put their famous capsules to the test to see if they truly live up to the hype. Read on for our 2019 Medterra CBD review.

Not only does the brand sell traditional tinctures, but their vast assortment of CBD capsules have earned them quite the loyal following since they began their famous wellness line a few short months ago. Sadly, fans of full spectrum CBD will have to shop elsewhere, as their entire brand is comprised of isolate CBD only.

Offering CBD products for every need, we were instantly intrigued by their unique blend of capsules. For this review, we decided to grab their highest potency 50 milligram gel capsules, which cost $94.95 for a 30 count bottle, along with the signature sleep formula tablets for $69.95. While not the best valued CBD in the industry, we were willing to spend a bit more to give their wellness line a try, specifically their famous CBD + Melatonin tablets.

Within a matter of days our order was at the door, so we divvied up the CBD capsules, ready to put them to the ultimate test. While all five of our reviewers had only positive things to say about the high potency gel caps, the sleep formula was the clear fan favorite among all five CBD testers.

With 25mg of CBD and 10mg of melatonin per tablet, many of our testers felt that the melatonin content was much too high for one serving. While they were certainly effective, we would have preferred 3-5mg of melatonin for the 25mg of CBD.

All in all, our Medterra CBD review was a success, and we ended the week eager to get our hands on another wellness-specific CBD product. While their isolate tinctures probably aren’t for everyone, they offer enough unique formulas that their product line is definitely worth checking out.

Medterra CBD Review


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